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Shenzhen Airlines Company Sponsored Plan (Top Up)

This option is only available to individuals that are enrolled in a company sponsored Base Plan. This allows you to increase the level of monthly benefit provided under the Base Plan. Terms and conditions remain the same. The Base Plan arranged by your Airline / Employer provides you with basic financial security in the event of the loss of your host country pilot medical license. To increase the level of financial protection, you can apply to ‘top-up’ the insurance cover. The maximum benefit permitted is 75% of your net monthly earnings, which includes base salary, education, housing and living allowances. You may apply for additional monthly benefit in increments of US$ 1,000 up to a maximum as shown in the ‘quote’ application.

The Temporary Loss of Pilot Medical Licence Plan ‘top-up’ is linked to your Base Plan and you will have the option to continue the cover should you leave your current Airline / Employer.

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