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This is a short term income protection that provides a monthly benefit in the event of the loss of a pilots host country medical license. In the event of the loss of your host country pilot medical license, the base plan provides you with basic financial security whilst both getting better and recovering your license, or a timely repatriation to your home country. There is a 90 day waiting period before benefit payments commence and a maximum payout period of 12 months. The base plan is usually established and funded by your Airline / Employer and they will choose the level of monthly benefit provided. The maximum benefit permitted is 75% of your net monthly income, which includes basic salary, education and housing allowances and some other regular payments that you receive. You can increase the level of monthly benefit provided under the base plan (subject to the 75% rule); see ‘Temporary Loss of Pilot Medical License Plan (Top-Up) on the solutions page. If you leave your current Airline / Employer, you will have an option to continue the base plan on a self funded basis.

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