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Permanent Loss of All Pilot Medical Licenses Plan (Self Sponsored)

This lump sum Permanent Loss Plan can work together with our Temporary Loss Plans to provide maximum coverage for pilots flying in China, or it can provide stand-alone permanent loss coverage. The plan is available to all pilots flying in China.

This insurance plan provides a lump sum benefit in the event of a pilot, through sickness or bodily injury, being adjudged by the Insurer as being permanently unable to obtain a Pilot Medical License for at least 5 years. Whilst there is no ‘waiting period’ before the benefit is paid, the policy allows the Insurer to take up to 30 days from notification of permanent loss to complete the necessary confirmation of permanency and eligibility for claim.

A lump sum benefit of between US$ 100,000 and US$ 350,000 can be selected (in increments of US$ 50,000). Select ‘Product info’ for further details, information on how to obtain a quote and application instructions.

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