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Permanent Loss of all Pilot Medical Licenses Plan




A separate plan that can work independently or augment the Base Plan, this provides a monthly benefit in the event of the Permanent Loss of All Pilot Medical Licenses. In the event of an accident or illness that determines an end to your career as a pilot and as a result, the permanent loss of all your pilot medical licenses, this plan provides an additional level of financial protection. There is a 365 day waiting period before benefit payments commence and a maximum payout period of 24 months. (Note: The benefit is payable monthly until permanent loss is clearly established, after which the balance is paid lump sum). The level of monthly benefit available under this Permanent Loss of All Pilot Medical Licenses Plan is usually set at the same level as the monthly benefit provided under your Airline/Employer sponsored Temporary Loss of Pilot Medical License Base Plan, and must not exceed 75% of your net monthly income.


The Permanent Loss of All Pilot Medical Licenses Plan is portable.


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