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Shenzhen Airlines Company Sponsored Plan (Base Plan)




This is a short term income protection that provides a monthly benefit in the event of the loss of a pilots CAAC Medical License. The Base Plan provides you with basic financial security whilst recovering your health and regaining your medical license, or if this is not possible, a return to your home country. There is a 90 day waiting period before benefit payments commence and a maximum payout period of 12 months. The Base Plan is usually established and funded by your Airline/Employer and they will select the level of monthly benefit provided. The maximum benefit permitted is 75% of your net monthly earnings, which includes base salary, education, housing, and living allowances. You can increase the level of monthly benefit provided under the Base Plan (subject to the 75% rule); see 'Temporary Loss of Pilot Medical License Plan (Top-Up)' on the solutions page.


If you leave your current Airline/Employer, you will have an option to continue the Base Plan on a self funded basis.


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