Individual Life Assurance Quote – Death by Any Cause

Unilife provides International Life Assurance solutions for individuals and couples, with guaranteed premiums and cover regardless of any future changes you may make to your country of residence, occupation or lifestyle.

Our T100 Lifetime Assurance solution helps families address Estate Tax liabilities or provide for a legacy, while our Term Assurance solutions help families protect against the loss of income if a family breadwinner should die unexpectedly, providing funds for liabilities such as mortgages, education and other ongoing family expenses.

 To obtain a quote, please select whether you need life assurance for an individual or for a couple below.

Individual Life Assurance Joint Life Assurance

A Single Life Policy insures only one life which would normally be the Policyholder but could also be the life of another.

Joint Life insures two lives under one Policy. The death benefit is paid out on the death of the first of the two lives (Joint Life First Death) or on the death of the second of the two lives (Joint Life Second Death).

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